A few words about us

Our Tools

Banlace was founded in Dallas, Texas with the only purpose of supply the need for the equipment providers and mobile operators in the RF Area.

We cover the RF Planning and optimization profiles to deliver our customers always the best and true results.

Our main headquarters are in Dallas, Texas, but we have facilities in Mexico, Guatemala and Panama to have a closer look with our customers.

At Banlace we assure the quality of our work with the best professionals. We are up to any project, big or small. If you need:

  •     - New Sites Integration
  •     - 2G/3G Initial Tunnig
  •     - Coverage Measurements
  •     - 2G/3G Optimization
  •     - 2G/3G Benchmarking

Banlace, and our teams of professional are the best choice for you.

RF Optimization

For field measurements, drive test and benchmarking projects..

Actix Analyzer
RF Analysis

We can Analyze all your important and critical network parameters.

RF Simulation

To simulate the changes you need at your network and make projections for ensure the quality of the optimization.